Festejo Solidario is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the personal development of children in need by celebrating their birthdays.


Once a month, funding  members and more than 50 volunteers visit different centers in low socio-economic areas in Greater Buenos Aires, and they bring with them all the necessary things to celebrate another year of life of more than 1000 kids.


Celebrating our birthday helps to build one’s self, strengthens the self-esteem, encourages the development of the notion of time and permits the kid to feel loved and important among its family and friends.


The importance of celebrating a birthday is considered by the “Observatorio de la Deuda Social Argentina” as an indicator of personal and social development during childhood because it contributes to the identity formation, strengthens the self-esteem, encourages the development of the notion of time and permits the kid to feel loved and important among its family and friends. Nonetheless, it is estimated that 21% of the total argentine children between 2 and 12 years old have not celebrated their last birthday.

Deeply moved by this reality, two concerned young adults set in motion and currently manage Festejo Solidario: Joaquín Martínez (founder), with a degree in Business and Administration, and Tomás Ordoñez (founder), with a degree in Social Communication.

Once a month, funding  members, project leaders and volunteers visit the different centers located at low socio-economic areas and they take with them everything that is necessary to celebrate another year of life of these kids. Our smashing team composed of more than 50 volunteers, monthly donors and companies that donate some of their products make each celebration unique, magical and unforgettable.

We celebrate the birthday of children in 6 different centers distributed across the northern  area of Great Buenos Aires: “Enbarriarte” in “la Cava”, San Isidro, “Koe Suyana” in Barrio 31, “Manos Abiertas” in Los Polvorines, “Comedor de Tino II” in Las Tunas, “Comedor de Tino Corazón” in Benavidez, “Nuestros Pekes” in Rincón de Milberg.

Our Birthday Party Celebrations in numbers:

friends invited


To contribute to the development of children in need by means of the celebration of their birthdays.


That every child gets the opportunity to celebrate its birthday and to develop in a healthy environment.


Solidarity, Honesty and Transparency.


Together with our funding members and  project leader, more than 50 volunteers kindly and joyfully help out with each celebration.

Joaco Martinez Christensen

Joaquín Martínez Christensen



I can still recall how it made me feel closing my eyes and making a wish when I was a child. I can, also, remember the way my mum used to decorate the house; once, she even turned it into Batman’s cave. But when I turned 25, my only wish was for every child to have the possibility of experiencing the wonder of birthday party.

Tom Ordoñez

Tomás Ordoñez



When I was a child what I enjoyed the most of my birthday parties was playing outside with my friends and spending time with my family. I shared most of my birthday parties with my twin sister, which meant even more friends, games and FUN. Now, I’d like to pass on that happiness to others.




To us, Corporate Sponsorship consists of two stages: the preparation of all the necessary thing for the birthday party and the actual party.

In the fist stage,  we prepare everything that is essential for the party, like: the gift bags, gift-wrapping, and the decoration. The day of the birthday party (second stage), volunteers from Festejo Solidario and representatives from the corporation go to one of the centers of easy and safe access, within or without business hours, and, among other things, prepare the food, decorate the place, help with the entertainment of the children, give the birthday presents and hand the gift bags.

These are the companies that do Corporate Sponsorship with us:


¡You can make the difference!

We suggest simple and concrete ways of giving. All contributions are valuable and help us to continue spreading joy.


Please field the form and we will answer back soon. If you are from press, you can communicate directly with Tomás emailing him at tomas@festejosolidario.org. Thank you!